Nickname Dougie Fresh aka Swag Daddy aka Don Frasier

Hometown M-town, CT

Dance Experience Sixth grade is when I really started to listen to music and since then I’ve always liked to just move. The only “official” dancing I’ve done was during my senior year in high school when I was in a hip-hop piece choreographed by three of my friends, (Shouts out to Ruby , Sarita, and Courteney!!!)

Why BAC Can you say swaggadocious? I mean really, no one does hip-hop better than us. When I first visited Princeton during preview weekend 2011 and saw TSOP, I was completely blown away by all of the dance groups. I auditioned for Body Hype, Disiac, and BAC, but in the end I had to go with BAC. The dance is my style, the crew is awesome, and before I even got in I knew I was in love with BAC.

Best BAC Moment Well, technically I wasn’t even in BAC yet, but I definitely have to go with the first blackbox party before call-backs. All of the BAC members there made me feel like a part of the company even though they hadn’t made any decisions yet.

Fun Fact I have purple and black boxers. BAC…BAC…WHAT!!!