Nickname Beaucoup Booty!

Hometown Originally from Brooklyn, but now I live in Hackensack, NJ. (Yes, I know…it’s a weird name lol)

Dance Experience My entirrrrrre life!

Why BAC Although I love all styles of dance, BAC focuses on hip-hop. The music, the people, and the INSANITY all suit me perfectly! I can confidently say that to be in BAC is to be part of a real family! Plus, purple has always been my favorite color. Haaaaay!!!

Best BAC Moment Hmmm, sooo hard to pick just one. But I’d probably have to say the RU Dancehall competition. Even though we didn’t win, we all knew we deserved it and plus the crazy car-ride adventures that went down afterwards will never be forgotten! lmao

Fun Fact According to my mom, my favorite song when I was little was “Dancing Machine” by MJ hahaha. Years later and I’m STILL a dancing machine! :D